Life Before Birth
March 31st, 2010

Life Before Birth


  1. Ron Hellstern

    Would like to be added to your list. Ron

  2. I heart Comics! | Godless Girl

    […] (source) In fact, go check out the entire archive of Ape, Not Monkey: “The Science vs. Religion Comic Strip”. It’s fabulous! […]

  3. Bearman

    Back in my mom?? ewwwwwww

  4. Bearman's fan

    hahaha- bearman, that was funny!

  5. Garo

    That WAS funny. Technically we remember just as much about not existing as we do about being fetuses. Awesome.

  6. Gelfling

    They’re BOTH right! You go to the same place you were before you were born, which is a magical place full of happiness and love. I know this because I saw the movie “Look Who’s Talking” and they showed Mikey before he was born; it was a lovely place, so wonderful!!

    And it was even more wonderful when they gave Kirstie Alley some pain meds…

  7. Bearman

    All right…I got more fans on this site than my own. haha