Bad Things
April 2nd, 2010

Bad Things


  1. Adam Susskind

    Edgy stuff, but I like it!

  2. Josh

    It seems that you may not be interested in reading much Christian literature, but I’d like to point out that C.S. Lewis wrote a book called “The Problem of Pain” which attempts to offer reasonable answers to that very question. Also, I know the comic is probably intended to be lighthearted, but I’d like to note that making Christians out to look stupid is simply an ad hominem argument against Christianity. I think it would be much harder to decide a winner in a true side-by-side comparison of the Christian worldview and the atheist worldview. If you’re predisposed to see the world a certain way (for most people, this is probably largely based on what your parents raised you to believe), it’s easy to find ammunition for your side, but it’s much more difficult to weigh the views without bias.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to make things suddenly so serious. I happen to be a Christian, but I’ll admit that Christians often have silly answers to difficult questions (I really liked your “Life Before Birth” comic), so your comics are good food for thought.

  3. jeffrey

    @Josh Thanks for the comments. I’m always interested in reading arguments for both sides. In fact, on my desk, sits a copy of Lee Strobel’s The Case for Faith next to Sam Harris’s The End of Faith.

    I’ll be sure to check out that C.S. Lewis book.

  4. dukemeiser

    Read “The Shack”. It’s about a father whose daughter gets abducted my a child molester who rapes and murders her. He confronts God about it when God reveals himself in an old shack. The short version is this: We ate of the Tree of Knowledge. We demanded our independence from God and he gave it to us. He could have kept us dumb and loyal to him, but he let us make that choice. He gives everyone the choice to follow him or not. We demanded our independence and free will, but then we curse God when bad things happen. We can’t have it both ways. He can either protect us from everything, or give us our freedom. And some would say “Well why can’t he intervene once in a while?” Maybe he does. But where do you draw the line? Stop rape, but allow murder? Stop torture but allow burglary? Even if God stopped half of all the bad things that happen, Satan would work twice as hard to destroy humanity. I believe for God’s true followers he does answer prayers and works in their life, but he doesn’t completely shelter them either.

  5. contrararian

    Jeffrey – your work is wonderful! kudos & hugs :)

    Josh – “making Christians out to look stupid is simply an ad hominem argument against Christianity” – Does that count when duke”GodsTrueFollowers”Meister does it too?

  6. dukemeiser

    -MEISER dukeMEISER. There is no “T” in my name. People who don’t believe in God don’t pray to God. Therefore only those who believe can have their prayers answered. The argument was about why bad things happen to good people. I don’t think I was attacking atheists by mentioning people who believe in God.

  7. contrararian

    Hey Duke, sorry if i put you on the wrong side of my joke. Just sayin’ that, personally, i don’t think talk of “satan” is the best argument for “god” as the uncaused prime mover of the universe, especially when u consider the historical development of “satan” in judeao-christian mythology. You are quite right in pointing out that “evil” does not have an easy answer.

    As for Josh, it would be lovely if he could re-read his post a few times and see if he could work out the flaws in his argument.

    Peace and love

  8. Good People

    The answer is that there are no good people. The question is flawed from the beginning.

  9. contrararian

    Oh my “Good People” has a horrible view of the world… Luckily most Christians do not share it with him/her.

  10. msegri

    Satan weak, God strong. No problem.

  11. msegri

    Let me explain. God created Satan, no? God decided, ok, I made, I keep Satan around. God keeps total power, gave Satan no power. Satan no control God. God decide, Satan control people no problem, or at least influence them a lot. God give freedom Satan because why? Satan bad, God good, People bad like Satan, et cetera. Compare then: God look good, Satan look bad, let Satan continue bad, look bad. People see difference, pick God, not Satan. Think: Santa Claus look good, Grinch look bad. Santa better? People pick Santa every time. If People caught, God did not do it.