Update: Skepchick censorship

Update: Hooray! I


  1. zeroK

    As an Ex-muslim, I tell you Kudos!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. tudza

    When I first heard about these cartoons a couple years ago, I decided to see how offensive they really were. It was very difficult to find a copy of even one. When I finally found a cached version of some page that had them but was later pulled, I made sure to keep copies.

  3. No

    Risking your own life is admirable. Criticizing others for not risking their lives and the lives of others is cowardly.

  4. nico

    hmmmm…. I think you’re taking it too seriously. Which is exactly what you should not do with cartoons.

    Anyway isn’t that a reference to the South Park depiction of Mohammed?


  5. kingkykat

    I actually think it’s funny what they did with the picture, and also feel it is satire of what south park had to do. And as has been seen with the south park episode, even disguising the image of Muhammad still pisses off the crazy fanatics…

  6. Chelsea

    Who’s Rebecca Harris? The screen shot I’m looking at says “Rebecca Watson”. Also, the “slightly edited” comment is tongue in cheek. But I guess you’re just protecting yourself from humor, right?

  7. Jeffrey Weston

    @Chelsea: Oops, typo on my part. I’ve corrected it. Thanks Chelsea!

  8. Gwenny

    I see a couple of others beat me to the punch. Yes, it was “fear” that made Rebecca do that . . .it was a statement about how silly it is to have to. Skepchick rocks!!

  9. tudza

    Indeed, we must all protect ourselves from humor.