Draw Muhammad Day

Happy Everybody Draw Muhammad Day!

Everybody Draw Muhammad Day picture of Jesus, Christopher Hitchens and the Prophet Muhammad having a Picnic.

Draw Muhammad Day: Summer Picnic with Jesus, Christopher Hitchens and the Prophet Muhammad

Don’t be fooled.


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  2. Geoff

    Well done, sir.

  3. Chubbles

    If I had any money, and this was available as a print, I would buy a bazillion of them.

  4. Sam

    What did Muhammad teach anyway? See: http://masud.co.uk/ISLAM/nuh/adab_of_islam.htm

    If you want to draw accurately, there is a detailed description here: http://www.inter-islam.org/hadeeth/st1.htm

  5. MC Hammer

    We should fight for the free speech to say the N word for black people! We should fight for the right to insult one another regardless of race, religion and sex in the name of free speech!

  6. shere

    its not about freedom its about respect, we do have respect for our prophet, we are not demanding from you to respect them but in the same time we dont want you to insult them ,, thats it nothing more we demand. please

  7. Jeffrey Weston

    Thanks for the comment.

    I agree that this is about respect. Respect for freedom of speech. One of the ways I respect that inailenable right is to not demand of people to give up that right. Even if they are expressing a view I strongly oppose.

    I’m sure you repsect this same right.

  8. ook ook eek

    incredibly….eye ehn see are ee dee eye bee el why, incredibly.

  9. calforneyeay

    I have no problem respecting the muslim religion. And I have no problem when someone insults my own religion. Where the muslim’s and I differ is that when someone insults my religion, as ignorant as I believe that person may be, I will NOT threaten to kill him. And THAT is the biggest barrier between what I believe and what they believe.

  10. Redding Chico

    Sit by and believe passively that Islam is not a threat to Christianity or to free speech…. but it is.

  11. asmat ullah

    Muhammad is grate man of God. You are a veary lowe and narrow mind who calibrate the drow day

  12. Lauren

    Love. Love. Love. Somehow the addition of Hitchens makes it super adorable for me. :)

  13. Muhammad Zubair Tahir Qadri

    Do respect and have respect,,,,, Live with peace