The idea of burning books conjures up such ugly images of oppression and hate, but the environmentally friendly practice of turning paper to into pulp rarely leads to anger.


  1. tudza

    We can’t let people read these books, but we won’t burn them, we’ll recycle them. The end result is the same, nobody gets to read the books. That’s really the point of book burning.

    There is really no shortage of Korans though, so the whole exercise is silly.

    I wonder where they are getting their copies to burn. Did they go out and buy some? Extra silly.

  2. hussein

    who the fuck are you to talk about our religion in such offensive way?
    you know what .. morons like you dared to talk behind computers and through these kind of communications .. i bet you know NOTHING about Islam and Muslims .. dude, stop being a “follower” and try to start thinking your own way. And instead of being offensive go have religion debates so you’ll figure out how DUMB you are 😉

  3. anonymous coward

    “morons like you dared to talk behind computers and through these kind of communications ..”

    This broke my irony meter :( I demand compensation!

    “dude, stop being a

  4. darkgently


    What exactly did the author write that was offensive? The criticism was clearly directed at stupid extremists on both sides, including that nutjob of a pastor, not at Islam in general. Are you so insecure that you object to criticism of ANY Muslim, no matter how dangerous or extreme they are? Or maybe you think that threats of mass murder are an appropriate response to the destruction of a book (which, by the way, is a response to previous mass murder).

    @anonymous coward:

    Lol. I’m starting an irony meter repair business. Should be an instant gold mine! 😀

  5. oldebabe

    It seems to me (an average skeptical person) that some Muslims just look for anything that they can find at which to take umbrage with what anyone has said that can be somehow attached to their `religion’. Sort of defensive and aggressive at the same time, if there’s such a thing, and very off-putting. Extremism is, unfortunately, not confined to Muslims, tho they do seem to think everything is about them.



  6. JakeD

    Actually, Qurans cannot be recycled, for fear that some speck of the sacred text might become toilet paper. Which is just one more example of how ridiculous the Abrahamic religions are.
    @hussein – Fuck you! Why does ANY religion get a pass when it comes to criticism?