The Birth Scientology
August 29th, 2011

The Birth Scientology

Taking a break this week. Will return with new comics next week (Sept 5th).

Please enjoy some “Best of Ape, Not Monkey“.


  1. oldebabe

    So… thanks. Quite an endeavor on your part.

    Tho more interesting than really funny – a lot of `tongue in cheek’.

  2. Damian DeWitt

    Hey, thanks Jeff!

    I lol’d. An anon just posted a ling to this site on Why We Protest.

    Anonymous stands and salutes you, good sir!

  3. Jeffrey Weston

    @Damian. Thanks Damian! Keep up the good work.

  4. Dan Courtney

    One of the better (and more accurate) summaries of Scientology I’ve seen. Well done!

  5. Jeffrey Weston

    @Dan, thanks Dan. I aim to be accurate and fair. That’s the easiest way to expose the tricksters.