Super Hero God
September 16th, 2011

Super Hero God


  1. Chankey Pathak

    Superman could have helped them.

  2. tommi

    “Holy Sunday Supergod!”
    “And dont you forget it Son-of-man Boy!!”

  3. spongegums squarenose

    The real comedy behind these cartoons is actually sad in that the cartoonist has no grasp on doctrine or theology and lacks even the basic understanding of the bible which is exactly what this mockery is doing. It’s self-mockery really.
    How about making a strip where the hero dies simultaneously for all humanity so that they can never die the second death and prove once and for all to the accusers who that he is God. A true creator would not constantly step in for every conceivable thing contradicting exactly what was set out to be done in the first place.
    It also fails to perceive that what happens to us happens in a time frame of exactly one second per second when to God it happened in the amount of time it takes to push the button on a camera.
    A picture is worth a thousand words, no?

  4. Kinzua Kid

    That comic strip would get rejected as too silly.

  5. Great American Satan

    Spongegums- I wish I could believe in immortality because death is scary. But I can’t , so I settle for wishing that self-satisfied daydreamers will, on their deathbed, glimpse nonexistence and feel the chill like I do. Sadly, I’m sure most of you will slide into nothingness with your illusions intact. I just can’t win. But, at least, I can be RIGHT.

  6. Daniel Schealler

    @spongegums squarenose

    So that’s a ‘yes’ to the ephemeral salvation tomorrow, tomorrow, ever tomorrow… But not so much helping in practical, helpful and demonstrable ways in the here-and-now today?

    This must be the much-vaunted ‘sophisticated theology’ that we shrill atheists have been missing out on for all this time.

    Err… Touché, I guess?

    What good’s a god who gives you everything you want? … It’s the HOPE that’s important. Give people jam today, and they’ll just sit and eat it. Jam tomorrow, now — that’ll keep them going for ever.

    – Terry Pratchett, Hogfather

  7. TheBlackCat

    @ spongegums squarenose: Actually, I don’t see much difference between the comic and what you are saying. In order to make a god that is omnipotent, omniscient, and all-good, you have to get rid of one of those three charactersticis. The comic gets rid of the first (he can’t do everything), while you get rid of the third (he isn’t all good, he is fine with people suffering as long as things go the way he wants).

    You also aren’t helping your case much with the “a god who sacrifices himself to himself so he can forgive us for intentionally creating us in such a way that we would break the rules he set”. Considering God is the one who created the “second death” (and the first for that matter), why can’t he just get rid of it himself? Why does he need to “die simultaneously for all humanity” if he is so powerful? Seems like a very bizarre and convoluted way to amend the laws he himself set. If that is the only way he could do it, then he can’t be that powerful.

  8. Codswallop

    @Spongegums, I know you believe that story about your supergod dying and rising and all, but why should anyone else? That’s the problem. If the Jesus myth were factual, the great tragedy of humanity would have to be the failure of all Jesus’ purported friends to adequately make a rational case for themselves. But to all appearances, the Jesus story is fiction, and that means the great tragedy is the huge number of people around the world who believe it despite the paucity of actual evidence.

  9. hedley_lamar

    spongegums says “How about making a strip where the hero dies simultaneously for all humanity so that they can never die the second death and prove once and for all to the accusers who that he is God.”.

    How about making a strip where the superhero creates a subservient species with specific flaws and then set the rules up to specifically target those flaws. Then, when the species fails exactly as they were made to, the super hero blames them for doing exactly what he made them to do. So, appropriately, he sentences them to an eternity of suffering. Then, he sends himself to their world to sacrifice himself to himself to save them from the fate he himself sentence them to… only he doesn’t actually die.

    Wait, that sounds familiar.

  10. Brad

    Soooo… you’ve never seen God-Man, on Tom the Dancing Bug, before?

  11. Gord

    “A tsunami?! I must solve this in mysterious ways! Quick, Son-of-man Boy!! To a grilled cheese sandwich in Spartanburg, South Carolina!”