Wise Men
December 21st, 2011

Wise Men


  1. Victor

    You forgot *the* in the last panel, king of the jews.

  2. Jeffrey Weston

    Thanks! I’ve fixed it.

  3. b_nichol

    They must have been really smart. The Magi came from the east, and followed the star in the east until it stopped over the place where the messiah was born.
    To circumnavigate the globe in that era must have been truly remarkable.

  4. Jeffrey Weston

    It’s also never revealed how _far_ they actually traveled.

  5. Aaron

    If they had to circumnavigate the globe… They went the wrong way.

  6. Karl the Samoyed

    It’s pretty clear that Jesus, as we know him today, has retained none of his original Jewish Heritage; he has become nothing more than another Moniker for “The Unconquered Sun”, right down to the Magi, an element of the Zoroastrian Religion from Hence Mithra Hails.

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