Doggy Evolution
February 22nd, 2012

Doggy Evolution


  1. Andrew T

    Selective “breading?” Is that where you carefully choose which bread to consume? 😉

  2. Moni

    Shouldn’t that be “modern descendant” rather than “ancestor”?

  3. Capo

    While we’re poking holes, couldn’t you say that dogs were intelligently designed by humans?

  4. Jeffrey Weston

    Sorry about the spelling mistakes. Thanks for pointing them out. I’ve fixed them.

  5. koopamaster49

    yay westies 😀

  6. Devalyn

    Technically, didn’t modern dog actually dissend directly from the gray wolf (albeit with some infusion of dna from other canids), given that taxinomically they are classified as a subspecies of grey wolf, canis lupus familiaris vs. canis lubus. Also, this is just me being a nitpicker, Westie is a nickname for the West Highland White Terrier.

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