Organic Food And The Amish Religion
March 19th, 2012

Organic Food And The Amish Religion


  1. Plastefuchs

    I would have thought that there are modern ways to produce organic food, not the typical backward way of stuffing things into the ground and hoping for the best. 😛

  2. LeAnne

    Please watch Food, Inc., Forks Over Knives, Food Matters, and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. There is science that backs up the benefits of organic food. Let’s talk after you see them.

  3. Misanthropic Scott

    It’s really hard to make a claim that organics provide no measurable benefit when they clearly reduce use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Regardless of any other health issues, that in itself is a huge benefit to all, even to those who buy non-organic food.

  4. george.w

    I don’t know about benefits to the ones eating the food but what I’ve read about Atrazine makes me think it doesn’t belong in the environment at all.

    That said, no doubt organic food will someday (like, ten years from now) be grown with robots that will pull up weeds and zap bugs. So it will be thought of as the “high-tech” food. How efficient that will be, I have no idea, but weeds and bugs won’t develop resistance to it.

    And that said, an ex-Amish friend of mine didn’t seem to think the Amish way of life was quite as groovy as its press. He said in some ways it was actually quite abusive. So, measurable harm, even.

  5. Yorch

    No, there are no nutritional benefits to organic food. There’s plenty of material about it (real material, not sensationalist straw-man crapumentaries). And all you proponents of organic food, you’re starving the world and increasing the prices of all food (by using fertile land to grow food inefficiently). For extra points, read about the work of Norman Ernest Borlaug. As for the pesticides in non-organic food. I don’t know about measurements of it, but if humanity has been eating it for the last 70 years and our life expectancy has increased, it can’t be THAT bad

  6. Lou

    Organic does not cost more money to produce regarding all the process… Price for all chemical products (firm, transport, ditribute), impact on “good” bugs like bees, impact on human’s health… Non-organic looks cheaper if you just focus on the fruit itself and not on all what is needed for its production. And saying that organic and natural food is not good for health sounds like spanish inquisition…

  7. Lou

    … Sorry for my english …. Thats a non natural, or should i say artificial thing for me 😉

  8. Lou

    @Yorch : we already know that we made mistakes in the past years… Many products used in USA are prohibited in Europe for example, regarding consequences on health. Here in france, we have many organic food in supermarket having the same cost, like non organic. And land becomes much better after 4 or 5 years of exploitation, and with organic food, we stop to send chemical products in our ground, so, in water… We know that some health effects from pesticide exposure may occur right away, as you are being exposed. Some symptoms may occur several hours after exposure. Other effects may not be noticed for years, for example cancer.

  9. Nikki

    I’m a little angry at how people are always running to the big man for the answers… Who cares what some scientist or businessman says? Human beings have been eating, what is considered “organic” food, for thousands of years, and it was only the last century that we have been putting pesticides into our food. It makes me wonder at how many super bugs we’ve created, how many new cancers we’ve recently caused, how many diseases we are currently spreading in JUST the last hundred years… We are all humans, animals, creatures of this earth…why are we doing this to ourselves? We should be eating fruit from the tree!! Instead we are eating packaged, processed noodles out of a paper box. I just keep thinking to myself…when was it that we as a race forgot what it was like to be human? When did we become the machines that we have forged?

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