Secret Diet Weapon
January 21st, 2013

Secret Diet Weapon


  1. Kim Martin

    I tried that diet once. I felt like I was starving. Nuts are a better snack food than celery

  2. oldebabe

    Well, yes, most anything eaten to the extreme becomes hateful. If one wants to lose weight (if that’s the intent of that silly creature), the most practical advice is still the best and most accurate: exercise more, eat more veggies and fruit, and a lot less of other stuff. Simple. So, one needs to stop complaining, pay attention, and do something sensible.

  3. tudza

    Last reliable source I read on this topic indicated that celery is not a negative calorie food.

  4. Logak

    Just found this comic a few days ago. Fantastic stuff.

    @oldebabe: Practical, yes, but maybe not so simple. After all, it simply doesn’t fit with the culture of instant and effortless gratification – a diet like that (i.e. one that actually works and is good for you) produces gradual results and requires one to stick to it consistently, and who has the patience for that? I think it’s telling that virtually every fad diet isn’t really about weight loss alone, but about making weight loss EASY. And I think we all know how often easy and effective intersect.

  5. Andrew T

    I’ma just gonna drop this off here:

  6. Kim Martin

    Thanks Andrew. The big problem with these foods as I learned through experiance (I was using them as a snack replacement) the big advantage of them is they have far less calories as a bag of potato chips or other junk snack. However while they are lacking in calories they also lack the ability to give you a full feeling for as long as a junk snack. cellery is worse than Chinese food for making you hungry a short time later. I found myself in the convinance store desperately browsing the isles for something heavier.

    It’s ok for a before supper snack to hold off till then, but useless otherwise. Nuts are far superior they let you feel full with just a handful or two, they are loaded with great nutrients, and they are tastier so its easier to stick with. I’m losing weight through smarter snacking, and of course exersize. No diet plan will work without exersize

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