The Gulf Of Tonkin Conspiracy
November 17th, 2014

The Gulf Of Tonkin Conspiracy


  1. richardelguru

    Youuuuuu’re Ba-ack!

  2. Hieronymus Fortesque Lickspittle

    Thought provoking but I think you were too easy on the war criminals that capitalized on the whole thing.

  3. pete

    Yay!!! Glad I kept this on my favourites!

  4. Deven Kale

    Glad to see you’re back! This is one of my favorite comics: funny, informative, and skeptical. An awesome combination!

  5. Algolei

    Don’t forget that “led” is the past tense of “lead”. It should say, “it LED to open warfare”.

  6. richardelguru

    It was nice to see you back, but was that just a fleeting visit?

  7. J. T. Dogzone

    You should do an expose on recycling, except make it funny. And factual.
    And maybe show the hilarity of a city the size of New York dumping garbage just offshore into the ocean, or Island communities using limited space as a garbage dump, and the eventual seepage and contamination of their limited aquifers. Or the amusing nature of medical waste being dumped offshore and having it wash back up onto local beaches. Instead, we can sell it to China or India and recycle it back into new products, like stuffing for children’s plush toys. Hopefully, they will sterilize the waste first and remove any blood clots, fetus, cancerous tumors or other human tissue. Although that would be an educational experience.

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