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January 19|Self Censorship
January 7|Je Suis Charlie


December 30|New Years Classics
December 27|Santa Visits
December 25|Dueling Christmas’s
December 23|Gospel Off
December 20|The True Meaning Of Christmas
December 18|Mind Blown
December 16|Holiday Sacrifice
December 13|Believing In Christmas
December 11|Gift Wrapped Family
December 9|The Promise
December 6|Christmas Amnesia
December 4|Snow Recovery
December 2|Snow Day
November 27|Thanking Mr Plow
November 25|Sylvia Browne By The Numbers
November 22|JFK Christchurch Star Part III
November 20|JFK Christchurch Star Part II
November 18|JFK Christchurch Star Part I
November 13|Ghost Solved
November 11|Flashy Ghosts
November 6|Ghost EMFs
November 4|Ghost Proof
October 30|Halloween
October 28|Night Vision
October 25|Science Chasers
October 23|Paranormal Investigators
October 21|We Got One
October 18|Ghost Trusters
October 16|Ghost Sighting
October 14|Forest Scare
September 3|Break, Not Monkey
August 26|Buying Another Side
August 23|Climate Affection
August 21|Climate Claims 2
August 19|Climate Claims
August 16|Climate Prediction
August 14|Climate Alarmism
August 12|Setting The Climate Record Straight
August 9|Climate Cycle
August 7|Political Climate
August 5|Climate Word Games
July 31|Climate Charge
July 29|The Other Hockey Stick
July 26|Can I Own A Chimpanzee
July 24|Climate Complications
July 22|Climate Blame
July 19|Summer Solution
July 17|Making Ape Not Monkey
July 15|James Randi
July 12|Forever Rational
July 10|Art Of The Con
July 8|Blank
July 5|Sound Of Silence
July 3|Test The Spirits
July 1|Cheater
June 28|Ultimate Evidence
June 26|Deep Discount
June 24|Rational Revenge
June 21|Garbage Bear
June 19|Photogate
June 17|Rummage Tale
June 10|The Neurosurgeon Who Went To Heaven
May 31|Dirty Revenge
May 29|Yoking With The Enemy
May 27|Sin By Association
May 24|Data Danger
May 22|Dark Victory
May 20|Draw Muhammad Day 2013
May 13|Conspiracy Convincing
May 10|Confronting
May 8|This Not That
May 6|SSA Week Part 4
May 3|SSA Week Part 3
May 1|SSA Week Part 2
April 29|SSA Week Part 1
April 24|The Anti Conspricary Theorist
April 22|Conspiracists Society
April 19|Vacuum Packaged
April 17|Paranoid
April 15|Tin Foil
April 12|The Doctor Who Went To Heaven Part 5
April 10|The Doctor Who Went To Heaven Part 4
April 8|The Doctor Who Went To Heaven Part 3
April 4|Roger Ebert
April 3|The Doctor Who Went To Heaven Part 2
April 1|The Doctor Who Went To Heaven Part 1
March 29|Good Friday
March 27|Gym Class
March 25|Proof Of Heaven
March 22|Earth Hour
March 20|Attention Surplus Disorder
March 18|Confirmation Bias
March 15|Heaven Is A Real Deal
March 13|Like Children
March 11|Bible Checks
March 8|Science Vs Heaven
March 6|Heaven Is For Real
March 4|Lost But Now Found
March 1|Guardians
February 27|Quantum Reeling
February 25|Strong Jaws
February 22|Get The Gharial
February 20|Arial Gharial
February 18|Gharial Attack
February 15|Helena In Trouble
February 13|Jesus’s Valentine To God
February 11|Valentines Day Cards for the 9/11 Truther, Creationist and Theocrat.
February 8|Scattered Sheep
February 6|Jesus Loves
February 4|Helena
February 1|Hour Energy Reverse Fine Print
January 30|Thin Wins
January 28|Negative Calories Part 3
January 25|Negative Calories Part 2
January 23|Negative Calories Part 1
January 21|Secret Diet Weapon
January 18|Diet Time
January 16|Weight Gain
January 14|Truth In Labeling
January 11|New Food Labels
January 9|More Labels
January 7|Informed Consumer


November 26|GM Food
November 19|GM Food
November 14|Earth Birth Day
November 12|The Longest Campaign
November 9|Spoiled Ballots
November 7|The Results
November 5|The Low Information Voter
November 2|The Decider
October 31|Reason
October 29|Balance
October 26|Damage Control
October 24|Too Much Information
October 22|Keeping God
October 19|The Opponent
October 17|Voter Research
October 15|Market Testing
October 12|Focus Group
October 10|Progression Of A Campaign Speech
October 8|Passive Accomplishments
October 1|Campaign Poster
September 28|Fighting Apathy
September 26|Voter Appeal
September 24|Non Religious Advisor
September 21|Value Voters
September 19|Trusted Advisor
September 17|Politics
September 14|Cancer Loser
September 12|Sit Down On Cancer Charity
September 10|Steven E Jones And WTC 7
September 7|Media Climate
September 5|Hot Summer
August 19|Vacation
August 1|Fasting For Ramadan
July 30|Prayer Before The Race
July 20|The NWO Is Still Out There
July 18|NWO Bureaucracy
July 16|Get Em
July 13|Shredding
July 11|Watching The Watchers
July 9|On NWOs Trail
July 2|Security Check
June 27|Overhead Overlords
June 25|More Evidence
June 22|Looking Out For Number One
June 20|Freedoms
June 18|Classified
June 15|Jesus Technical Difficulties
June 13|Muhammad Technical Difficulties
June 11|NWO Technical Difficulties
June 4|Warning
June 1|Enslavement Program
May 30|New World Order Owls
May 25|NWO Headquarters
May 23|Room With A View
May 21|Vast Vast Conspiracy
May 18|Vaccination Conspiracy
May 16|Escape The Insanity
May 14|The Vulnerable
May 11|Vaccination Filth
May 9|Pertussis Panic
May 7|Poisoned Lemmons
May 2|Stop Messing With My Religion
April 30|Chen Guangcheng
April 27|Freedom To Impose
April 25|Laid Off
April 23|Christian Business
April 20|Respecting Religion
April 18|Religious Limits
April 16|Get Out Of Work Excuses
April 13|Friday The 13th Decoy
April 11|Pagan Perks
April 9|Religious Accommodation
April 6|Why It Is Called Good Friday
April 4|Brain Tricks
April 2|Islam And Mormonism
March 26|Charitable Faith
March 23|Quick Lemmon Sale
March 21|Rotten Lemmons
March 19|Organic Food And The Amish Religion
March 16|Organic Lemonade
March 14|Homeless Squirrel
March 12|Prayer. (What’s It Good For?)
March 9|Teaching Intelligent Design
March 7|Flagellum Ancestry
March 5|Facing The Parents
March 2|Meet The Parents
February 29|The Designer
February 27|Who Is The Designer
February 24|Confronting Design
February 22|Doggy Evolution
February 20|Irreducibly Complex
February 17|Meet Fred Gellum
February 15|Evil-ution
February 13|Valentines Poems
February 10|I’m A Mormon
February 8|Latterday
February 6|Bigfoot Is Over
February 3|Bigfoot Society In The News
February 1|The Bigfoot Conspiracy
January 30|Join The Bigfoot Conservation Society
January 27|Taxpayer Ethics
January 25|Help The Bigfoot Conservation Society
January 23|Politics As Usual
January 20|Bigfoot Endangered
January 18|Bigfoot Proof
January 16|Believing Is Seeing
January 13|Friday The 13th Terribleness
January 11|The Psudoscientific Method
January 9|Religious Resolutions
January 6|Police State New Years
January 4|Light Bulb Ban Resolution
January 2|New Years The Manufactured Event


December 30|The Herald Atheists Sing
December 28|Christmas 2.0
December 26|Too Much Christ In Christmas
December 23|Worst Christmas Ever
December 21|Wise Men
December 19|War On Christmas
December 16|Farewell Christopher Hitchens
December 15|Gospel Off Part 3
December 14|Gospel Off Part 2
December 12|Gospel Of Matthew Vs Gospel Of Luke
December 9|Every Crytozoologists Dream
December 7|Crytozoolollapalooza
December 5|Meaningful Blur
December 2|Selling Bigfoot Footage
November 30|Who Is Bigfoot
November 28|Bigfoot Money
November 25|Thanksgiving Aftermath
November 23|An Atheists Guide To Thanksgiving
November 21|Skepticism In Shakespeare
November 18|Giving Misplaced Thanks
November 16|A Positive Greeting
November 14|Positive Lessons Learned
November 11|String Theory
November 9|Infinite Energy
November 7|Positive Danger
November 5|Andy Rooney
November 4|Positive Vibes
November 2|Positive Help Calling
October 31|Falling Optimism
October 28|Christian Halloween
October 26|Hell House
October 24|Alternative Positive Reality
October 21|Positive Misremembering
October 19|Opposite Positive Thinking
October 17|Positive Thinking Does Work
October 14|Thinking Positive
October 12|Atheism On The Rise
October 10|Steve Jobs And Alternative Medicine
October 7|The Other Guy Who Died
October 5|User Error
October 3|No Returns
September 30|Ask The Experts
September 28|Space Debris Be Gone
September 26|Statellite Repellent
September 23|The Expert Fraudster
September 21|The Experts
September 19|Shoot For The Moon
September 16|Super Hero God
September 14|Bio Bag
September 12|Really Low Earth Orbit
September 9|Steven E Jones And World Trade Center 7 Part 3
September 7|Steven E Jones And World Trade Center 7 Part 2
September 5|Steven E Jones And World Trade Center 7 Part 1
September 2|Deepak Chopra Collection
August 31|The Parable Of The Ape And Dog
August 29|The Birth Scientology
August 26|Meteor Survival Tips
August 24|Origin Of Cloud Nine
August 22|Calculating The Gravitational Constant
August 19|Imagine
August 17|Water Weapons
August 15|What Prayers Mean In Politics
August 12|Mystery Solved
August 10|Aliens And Monsters
August 8|Scientific Sincerity
August 5|Encounter At Scarepoint
August 3|UFO Proof
August 1|Sixth Sense
July 29|Keeping Watch
July 27|UFO Denialism
July 25|UFO Or Conspiracy
July 22|On A UFO Mission
July 20|UFO Secret Stash
July 18|UFO Crop Circles
July 15|Spotty Evidence
July 13|Fire In The Sky
July 11|Summer Vacation Destinations
July 8|People Of Faith
July 6|God Given Generosity
July 4|Secular Founding Fathers
July 1|Independence Day Left Out
June 29|Spread The Good Word
June 27|Finding J.D.
June 24|Finding The Lost
June 22|The One True Scheme
June 20|Lost
June 17|Exit Strategy
June 15|Give Me A Refund
June 13|Secrets Of The Rich
June 10|You Deserve It
June 8|Scheming Out Of Necessity
June 6|Causing Cancer
June 3|The Dangerous Isms
June 1|The Answer
May 30|The Great Debate
May 27|HRs Guide To The Con Scarcity
May 25|HRs Guide To The Con Authority
May 23|End Of The World Aftermath
May 20|Draw Muhammad Day
May 18|End Of The World Bargains
May 16|End Of The World Again
May 13|Need More Than Too Much Evidence
May 11|Killing The Terrorist
May 9|Roar
May 6|Passive Conspiracy
May 4|Conspiracy Jiu Jitsu
May 2|Birth Doubt
April 29|The Wedding
April 27|Deity Off
April 25|Causes Of The Common Cold
April 22|Conspiracy Cold
April 20|Natural Cold
April 18|The Cold
April 15|Black Hole Nut
April 13|Uncertainty
April 11|No Poking
April 8|Alternative To Medicine
April 6|Alternative Suicide
April 4|Anti Vacc Despair
April 1|We Need Hell
March 30|There Is No Hell
March 28|Leap Of Faith
March 25|Don’t Forget About The Supermoon
March 23|Radiation Government
March 21|Radiation Fear
March 18|Earth Quack
March 16|Shaken Grand Design
March 14|Earthquake Anger
March 11|Creationist History Of The Earth Part 3
March 9|Creationist History Of The Earth Part 2
March 7|Creationist History Of The Earth Part 1
March 4|Birth Of Scientology Part 3
March 2|Birth Of Scientology Part 2
February 28|Birth Of Scientology Part 1
February 25|Global Warming Parable Part 3
February 23|Global Warming Parable Part 2
February 21|Global Warming Parable Part 1
February 18|Creationism Debate
February 16|Evidence Is Irrelevant
February 14|Atheist Valentines
February 11|Making A Difference For The Environment
February 9|Back To A Simpler Life
February 7|Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
February 4|Polar Scare
February 2|Doomsday Environmentalism
January 31|Fear The Global Warming
January 28|Bad Science Journalism Strikes Back
January 26|Science Journalism Tricked Me
January 24|How Science Journalism Works
January 21|Anti Vaxer Cause And Effect
January 19|A New Astrological Sign
January 17|Astrological Shift
January 14|Statistical Spoiler
January 12|The Dead Bird Coverup
January 11|Logical Fallacy Post Hoc
January 10|Dead Birds
January 7|The Religious Moderate Part 3
January 5|The Religious Moderate Part 2
January 3|The Religious Moderate Part 1


December 31|Arlen Fills In For Jeffrey
December 29|Clemens Fills In For Jeffrey
December 27|Pastor Bear Fills In For Jeffrey
December 24|The Herald Atheists Sing
December 22|Old Fashioned Christmas
December 20|Christmas 2.0
December 17|Too Much Christ In Christmas
December 15|Secular Christmas
December 13|Religion Ruins Everything
December 10|Weed Tales
December 8|Stupid Things Smart People
December 6|God Giveth
December 3|European Secularism
December 1|Morality Is…
November 29|Karma Strikes Back
November 26|Thanksgiving Thanking The Food
November 24|Thanksgiving Thanking Science
November 22|Thanksgiving Environmentalism
November 19|Debunking Deepak Chopras Quantum Mysticism
November 17|Babbling Brook
November 15|A Dash Of Science
November 12|The Best Answer
November 10|The More Popular Enemy
November 8|Fact Checkers
November 5|Carl Sagan Day
November 3|The Glenn Bear Show On Atheism
November 1|The Glenn Bear Show
October 29|The Scariest Costume Of All
October 27|Scary Halloween Costumes
October 25|Autumn In Color
October 22|Filler
October 20|Rescinding The Blasphemy Law
October 18|Church Vs Church
October 15|Collection Plate Knows All
October 13|Skeptic Skeptic Church
October 11|Skeptic Church
October 8|Galatic Anniversary
October 6|Gods Of Science
October 4|A Day In The Life
October 1|Miracle Science
September 29|Church Of Skepticology
September 27|Voice Of Moderation
September 24|Blasphemy Law 2
September 22|Blasphemy Law
September 20|Don’t Be A Dick
September 17|Public Service Announcement Snake Oil
September 15|Public Service Announcement Memories
September 13|Public Service Announcement Natural Foods
September 10|The Promised Land
September 8|Exodus
September 6|Beliefocracy
September 3|Nothing To Be Skeptical Of
September 1|Believers Paradise
August 30|Anti Vacc Ophobia
August 27|How Free Speech Works
August 25|Building A Community Center
August 23|Mosque Controversy For Conspiracy Theorists
August 20|Sanctuary
August 18|Secret Psudoscience
August 16|Respect Our Silly Beliefs
August 13|Militant Skeptics Take On Friday The 13th
August 11|Militant Skeptics Strike
August 9|Militant Skeptics On The Loose
August 6|Militant Skeptics Society
August 4|Militant Skepticism
August 2|Just Say No To NOMA
July 30|Skeptic Sense
July 28|No One Parties With A Skeptic
July 26|One Step Away From Hell
July 23|Oil Spill Pray The Oil Away
July 21|Oil Spill Working Together
July 19|Oil Spill Miracles
July 16|Oil Spill Digging A Hole
July 14|Oil Spill False Flag
July 12|Oil Spill
July 9|Support Your Local Station
July 7|Balance Your Brain
July 5|Change Your Noodle Change Your Life
July 4|Early Draft Of The Declaration Of Independence
July 2|Texas Bad Presidence
June 30|Texas Facts
June 28|Texas Education
June 25|Fresh Start
June 23|Adversity Is An Achievement
June 21|Great Things Ahead
June 18|Joel Ostrich Sugarcoated
June 16|Joel Ostrich Woo Woo
June 14|Joel Ostrich
June 11|Bible Wisdom
June 9|Psychic School
June 7|Plan B
June 4|Uri Geller Tips
June 2|Mental Fatigue
May 31|Magic Trick
May 28|Strange Inversion Of Logic
May 26|Caution Science Humor
May 24|Good Without God
May 21|Trapped In The Dark
May 19|Seeing The Soul
May 17|Self Discovery
May 14|Bucket Wisemen
May 12|Candle In The Dark
May 10|God Within
May 7|One Thing At A Time
May 5|Can’t Wait!
May 3|Sometimes Its OK To Pretend
April 30|Skeptical Paranoia
April 28|Police State
April 26|He Is Always Watching You
April 23|Crisis Water
April 21|Conspiracy Water
April 19|Suspicious Water
April 16|Recipe For Skeptics
April 14|Recipe For Conspiracy theorists
April 12|Recipe For Religious
April 9|Logical Fallacies Appeal To Authority
April 7|Atheist Hell
April 5|God Is A One Answer Calculator
April 2|Bad Things
March 31|Life Before Birth
March 29|Purpose Of Life
March 26|Science Nature Study
March 24|Dealing With God
March 22|Gods Love
March 19|Kapha Vata
March 17|Mumbo Jumbo
March 15|Woo Woo
March 12|Diagnosis
March 10|Alternative Approach
March 8|Dee Quack Chopra
March 5|Alternative Medicine Whats The Harm
March 3|Acupunture Relief
March 1|Acupunture
February 26|Psychic Self Delusion
February 24|Psychic Fate
February 22|Psychic Biblical Predictions
February 19|Psychics Are Always Right
February 17|Psychics Are Vague
February 15|Psychics Are Fakes
February 12|Psychic Cold Reading
February 10|Humanitarian Psychic
February 8|Psychic Reading
February 5|A Tasty Snack
February 3|Bovine Aversion
February 1|The Opposite Of Kosher
January 29|Against The Odds
January 27|Reaffirmation
January 25|Absense Of Evidence
January 22|Utility
January 20|Proof By Authority
January 18|Proof
January 15|Mysterious Evidence
January 13|Wooden Proof
January 11|One Of These Things Just Doesnt Belong
January 8|Financial Advice
January 6|Give What You Can
January 4|Bad Economy
January 1|Happy New Years


December 30|Respectful New Years
December 28|Tolerant New Years
December 25|Christmas Presents
December 23|Atheist Holidays
December 21|War On Christmas
December 18|Tunnel Vision
December 16|Resurrection
December 14|Comfortable
December 11|True Believer
December 9|Modern Medicine
December 7|Prayer Not Answered
December 4|Health
December 2|Quarantine
November 30|Achoooooo
November 27|Proving Science Is A Religion
November 25|Science’s Good Book
November 23|Science Is A Religion
November 20|Logical Fallacies Reductio Ad Hitlerum
November 18|Blemish
November 16|The Darwin–Hitler connection
November 13|Another Friday The 13th
November 11|Psycho Numerlogical Disorders
November 9|Religious Bad Luck
November 6|Not Clicking
November 4|New New Atheism
November 2|Bill Marmoset
October 30|Redacted Halloween
October 28|Flagellum Halloween
October 26|Charged Halloween
October 23|Science Split
October 21|The Science Party
October 19|Problem Solved
October 16|Science No More
October 14|Science 1 Religion 0
October 12|Science Vs Religion
October 9|Absense Of Evidence
October 7|Same Planet
October 5|They Are Right Behind You
October 2|Strange Inversion Of Logic
September 30|Smart Logic
September 28|Certified Organic
September 25|The Meaning Of Organic
September 23|Everything Is Organic
September 21|Locally Grown
September 18|Locally Grown Logistics
September 16|Locally Grown Delivery
September 14|Locally Grown
September 11|Soul Food
September 9|Locally Grown Food
September 7|Food Revolution
September 4|Higgs Bosons Make You Thinner
September 2|Higgs Bosons And Loosing Mass
August 31|Higgs Bosons For Sale
August 28|Over Analysis
August 26|Revenge
August 24|Innate Curiosity
August 21|The Devil
August 19|Think Before You Leap
August 17|Forsaken
August 14|Flight From The Tree
August 12|Still Stuck In A Tree
August 10|Stuck In A Tree
August 7|Signs From God
August 5|Sound From God
August 3|Sign From God
July 31|Still Lonely
July 29|Another Revelation
July 27|Revelation
July 24|Time Saving Advice
July 22|Anything Is Permitted
July 20|Magnetic Bracelet
July 17|Heartless
July 15|Intellectual Elite
July 13|Smart Like Us
July 10|Mayan Doomsday
July 8|God of the narrowing gaps
July 6|God Of The Gaps
July 3|Clearing The Air
July 1|Watered Down
June 29|Fill In The Gaps
June 26|Starry Night
June 24|Gods Snoozey Plan
June 22|Logical Fallacies 2
June 19|Detoxing the Wallet
June 17|Detox the Scam
June 15|Detox the Mind
June 12|All Natural Detox System
June 10|Toxins, Toxins everywhere!
June 8|Logical Fallacies: Argumentum Ad Populum
June 5|Designed By God
June 3|The Burden Of Intelligent Design
June 1|I Am the Very Model of an Intelligently Designed Individual
May 29|Creation Of Faith
May 28|We are natural-born supernaturalists
May 27|Intelligent Design By Song
May 25|God’s Beautiful Design
May 22|WWJD
May 20|Cracks
May 18|Guardian Angel
May 15|Biblical Answers For All
May 13|Biblical Grand Theory
May 11|Bible Says So
May 8|Lucky Return Policy
May 6|Luck Protection
May 4|Luck Is On The Way
May 1|Lucky Rabbit’s Foot
April 29|Private Beliefs
April 27|Without Good, Without God
April 24|Church: At least you got out of the house
April 22|Honesty in church
April 20|Church Sign
April 17|Superstitious Fate
April 15|Superstitious Noise
April 13|Superstitious Science
April 10|One Order Of Dignity Please
April 8|Job Creation
April 6|Larus Californicus
April 3|Shovel Ready
April 1|Near Endangered Species
March 30|Stimulus Package
March 27|Conspiratorial hypocrisy
March 25|Rockslide Truth
March 23|Inside Job
March 20|The Ordinary Truth
March 18|Controlled Demolition
March 16|This Was No Structural Failure
March 13|Everyday Is The 13th
March 11|Dating The 13th
March 9|Friday The 13th
March 6|Profitable Apparitions
March 4|Muddy Vision
March 2|An Apparent Apparition
February 27|Beautiful Synergy
February 25|Pick your poison
February 23|Natural is good. Isn’t it?
February 20|Inputs And Outputs
February 18|Thinking Of Consciousness
February 16|Life As A Feedback Loop
February 13|Pseudo Miracle
February 11|Miracle Water
February 9|Speak The Language
February 6|Intelligent Design In Sheeps Clothing
February 4|Beware the leftist creationists
February 2|It’s Only A Theory
January 28|Evolution Booth
January 25|Creative Design
January 21|Scientifulous
January 18|Ask Me About ID
January 14|The Mirror Test
January 11|Slurp , prulS
January 7|Soul Of An Atheist
January 4|Word Of God


December 31|Nope, just one truth
December 28|Resolutions
December 24|A Visit From Santa
December 21|All Powerful
December 17|Reverse desecration
December 14|Desecration
December 10|Jesus Power
December 7|Pluralistic ignorance
December 3|Swindled
November 30|A cold deal
November 26|Information war
November 23|Entropy vs. Evolution
November 19|Heavy Accessories
November 16|Empty Parade
November 12|Multiple choice creationism
November 9|Unintelligent design
November 5|Halloween – Part 8
November 2|Halloween – Part 7
October 29|Halloween – Part 6
October 26|Halloween – Part 5
October 22|Halloween – Part 4
October 19|Halloween – Part 3
October 15|Halloween – Part 2
October 12|Halloween – Part 1
October 8|Waiting
October 5|Thinking makes it true
October 1|You are already rich
September 28|Power of the Universe
September 24|Feel’n Good
September 21|Recycling Skeptic
September 17|More bins
September 14|Badly binned
September 10|Hard choices
September 7|Sorting trash
September 3|Temporal waste
August 31|Recycling theology
August 24|Smash!
August 17|Blessed are the Condiments
August 10|Hard work
August 3|Opportunity
July 27|Positive Rut
July 20|Prosperity Omelet
July 13|Magical Sky-Man
July 6|Life After Clinical Death