Self Censorship

Self Censorship

January 19th, 2015

James Randi is infallible

Well, except for this.

But the first 2 minutes of Jame Randi’s recently posted TED Talk is a brilliant bit on how easily we can be fooled and how this short coming of ours is exploited every day.

Proof that Apes are smarter than us

Well, at least smarter than me in this respect.

This is a far easier way to open a Banana. Thank you fellow primates!

But as usual, humans have to add their

The greatest story is so ever old

You can add this to pile.

Thanks for the comments!

Just wanted to say thanks for the encouragement you’ve given me on my Comic Strip.

In gratitude, I’ve created a Desktop version of the previous graphic “Eratosthenes Wanna Be”, free for Download. This little comic strip is still a very small piece of the skeptic community.

Eratosthenes Wannabes

This was inspired by Carl Sagan

Deep diving into paranoid waters

Census time

I have to say, I do enjoy the census


On my way home from buying a tasty Subway Sandwich, I looked down on the sidewalk and saw this ghostly apparition of non-other but the King of Kings!

I snapped this photo near my house with my iPhone.

I Respect this Irritating Man

David Blaine irritates me. I found his feats more about quests for egotistical attention than for actual entertainment value.

However, I now have respect this nut case because he has a strong respect for using science and also giving back to it.

In his talk, in which explains how he held his breath for 17 minutes, he tells how he essentially donated himself to science immediately after the event so doctors and scientists could study the effects of this kind of depravation on the human body.

Kudos, I say.

… and I went jogging!

Ape, Not Monkey Jogging

I go jogging because it makes me feel better about myself.

There are other reasons of course, such as it’s good for your health and your brain but the main reason is that it brightens my day.

No matter what did I that day, I can always say “and I went jogging!” and it washes away all the things I regretted doing.